3 Places In Your Home That Would Look Amazing With Mosaic Tiles

12 December 2016
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Mosaic tiles are used in home decor to bring out color and patterns in areas that are otherwise lacking texture and personality. These tiles are typically made of ceramic or glass and are adhered to surfaces much in the same way brick is laid, using a medium to make the pieces stick. Mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of ways to create beautiful patterns and imagery for a stunning effect. If you don't know how to make your home pop with color and personality, here are a few ideas for inspiration you can use for 3 rooms in your house.


If you have a smaller entryway that lacks natural light, then a mosaic tile art piece on your wall directly across from your front door can brighten and enlarge this cramped space. Consider having round mosaic tiles arranged in a large, colorful circle on your wall in transparent glass designs to liven up the area without overpowering it. Use vibrant hues that are cheerful, such as violet, sea blue, lime green, yellow, and orange.


As a backsplash, mosaic tiles serve a few purposes: they work to keep stains from forming behind your stove or fire pit, and they offer a charge of color to make any kitchen more enjoyable to be in. Square ceramic mosaic tiles in metallic hues, such as gold, copper, silver, or gold mixed with black or navy can make a larger kitchen more elegant, while red and orange can make a smaller kitchen nook sunny and inviting.

Living room

Most people think of the bathroom when they think of mosaic tiles for decorating the home, but the living room is an equally impressive place to show off this beautiful, classic art form. For the living room, choose the center of a main wall for a pattern of your choosing. A circular mosaic design can make a plain living area more diverse and break up its square edges, while a rectangular mosaic can offer a streamlined, modern appeal to this whimsical art form. Choose hues that match your basic color scheme, with a single darker color to complete the look.

Mosaic tiles are excellent additions to your home to bring out your personal style and add color to your decor. Whether you love classic ceramic tiles or modern circular glass ones, you can create a variety of designs you will love. A remodeling contractor can design your mosaic for you to place on your wall.